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In Loving Memory Of The Greatest Entertainer Who Ever Lived, The King Of Pop Michael Joseph Jackson. May He Rest In Peace.
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 Favorite Family Member of MJ's Family

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Michael Jackson's Wife
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PostSubject: Favorite Family Member of MJ's Family   Thu Dec 09, 2010 8:09 pm

Vote for your favorite Jackson Family member that includes parents, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, nieces and nephews. Each member will start with 10. You may take 1 away from one member and give it to another member of the family. I do this on an Endurance forum and it's fun.

I'll start so you know what to do if you never did this before:

Joseph 10
Katherine 10
Rebbie 10
Nathaniel (Rebbie's husband) 10
Stacee (Rebbie's daughter) 10
Yashi (Rebbie's daughter) 10
Auggie (Rebbie's son) 10
Jackie 10
Enid (Jackie's wife) 10
Siggy (Jackie's son) 10
Brandi (Jackie's daughter) 10
Tito 10
DeeDee (Tito's wife) 10
Taj (Tito's son) 10
Taryll (Tito's son) 10
TJ (Tito's son) 10
Jermaine 10
Hazel (Jermaine's wife) 10
Jermaine Jr. (Jermaine's son) 10
Autumn (Jermaine's daughter) 10
Margaret (Jermaine's wife) 10
Jeremy (Jermaine's son) 10
Jourdynn (Jermaine's son) 10
Alejandra (Jermaine's wife) 10
Jafar (Jermaine's son) 10
Jermajesty (Jermaine's son) 10
Halima (Jermaine's wife) 10
LaToya 10
Jack (LaToya's husband) 10
Marlon 10
Carol (Marlon's wife) 10
Valencia (Marlon's daughter) 10
Brittney (Marlon's daughter) 10
Marlon Jr. (Marlon's son) 10
Blanket (Michael's son) 10
Lisa Marie (Michael's wife) 10
Debbie (Michael's wife) 9
Prince (Michael's son) 10
Paris (Michael's daughter) 10
Randy 10
Eliza (Randy's wife) 10
Stevanna (Randy's daughter) 10
Alejandra (Randy's wife) 10
Genevieve (Randy's daughter) 10
Steven (Randy's son) 10
Donte (Randy's son) 10
Janet 11
James (Janet's husband) 10
René (Janet's husband) 10

I gave 1 point to Janet and took 1 away from Debbie so now Janet has 11 and Debbie now has 9.

Just copy and paste this in a new reply and just do what I did. Then when someone gets down to 0 they are out and you put their rank by their name that they came in. So the first one to get down to 0 will be the 50TH, then 49TH for the second and so now until we have a winner. This may take awhile but hey it's fun to do. Trust me it's fun. Then we will see who the most favorite Jackson family member is.

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Favorite Family Member of MJ's Family
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